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DIN Standards

DIN 7716 Rubber products; requirements for storage, cleaning ang maintenance.
DIN 15 207 Continious mechanical handling equipment; idlers for belt conveyors.
DIN 15 220 Continous mechanical handling equipment; belt conveyors: examples for protection of nip points by guards.
DIN 15 223 Continuous mechanical handling equipment; examples of solutions for the protection of narrows on idlers
DIN 22 100 Synthetic operating material and fuels for use in underground hard coal mines
DIN 22 101 Continuous mechanical handling equipment; belt conveyors for bulk materials; base for calculation and design
DIN 22 102 Conveyor belts with textile plies
DIN 22 103 Flame-resistant conveyor belts; specifications and test methods
DIN 22 104 Antistatic conveyor belts; requirements, testing
DIN 22 107 Continuous mechanical handling equipment; idler sets: idler sets for loose bulk materials; principle dimensions
DIN 22 109 Conveyor belts with textile plies for coal mining
DIN 22 110 Testing of conveyor belt splices
DIN 22 117 Conveyor belts for coal mining; determination of the oxygen index
DIN 22 118 Conveyor belts with textile plies for use in coal mining; fire-testing
DIN 22 120 Scraper and side-tracking rubber for belt conveyor systems for use in coal mining
DIN 22 121 Conveyor belts with textile plies for underground coal mining; permanent splices of conveyor belts
DIN 22 129 Steel cord conveyor belts for underground coal mining
DIN 22 131 Steel cord conveyor belts for hoisting and conveying
DIN 53 504 Testing of rubber; determination of tensile strength at break, tensile stress at yield, elongation at break and stress values in a tensile test
DIN 53 505 Testing of rubber, elastomers and plastics; Shore-hardness testing A and D
DIN 53 507 Testing rubber and elastomers; determination of the tear strength of elastomers; trouser test piece
DIN 53 516 Testing of rubber and elastomers; determination of abrasion resistance